Five major trends in digital marketing since 2023

Five major trends in digital marketing since 2023_2 foto

Any specialist will assure you that tracking new trends in the digital marketing sphere is extremely difficult. They are rapidly changing, under the influence of the constant flow of new information available to people every day on the World Wide Web. Meanwhile, all the companies on the market who are trying to evolve and improve themselves need to develop new, innovative marketing strategies in order to overtake competitors in the digital realm.

For a specialist in digital advertising to know the most effective, long-term prospects of the market, it is essential he plan the successful marketing strategy correctly. If that specialist is you − this article will be useful for your marketing planning.

We give you five most important trends in digital marketing for 2023 that will most certainly work: 

  Trend number 1: Introduce customers to your company’s employees.

The face of your firm − is the face of employees who work in it. That is why focus on the interaction of employees and customers must be among the most important parts of your marketing strategy.

Five major trends in digital marketing since 2023 foto

Professional marketers call this strategy «Increased brand value of the company in the eyes of the customer» and digitals express it even easier: «acquaintance».

It’s obvious that the number of subscribers to the company’s social networks grows if the company shows its own “face,” based on how key employees talk to the audience about their lives, news, and maximally attract customers to interact.


  Trend number 2: More VIDEO.

The annual survey of Mobile Visual Networking Index − MVNI (results, presented by the American multinational conglomerate of digital communication technologies «Cisco») proves that 80 percent of global mobile traffic in 2022 was − video content. Due to its effectiveness, Video has become a major part of the strategy of promoting utilized by global marketers. This fact can also be confirmed by the active growth and development of top international platforms focused on visual content: Youtube, Tik Tok, and Pinterest.

That is why it is highly recommended for brands to integrate product demonstrations into videos, live broadcasts, webinars, useful video tutorials, and to increase engagement, awareness and conversion in social networks, as well as on the company’s website.


 Trend number 3: Promote the product in collaboration with influencers.

Influencers or so-called «thought leaders» are an important part of the marketing strategy in 2023 as well. The global consumer’s tendency to focus on «what the celebrity says» remains as relevant as ever. That is why it is recommended to continue searching out bloggers who can bring to your brand worldwide recognition and ultimately increase sales dynamics.

It will be helpful to identify influencers who share the values of your product or who are involved in related activities; this is one of the mandatory points of your marketing strategy for the next year.

Five major trends in digital marketing since 2023_1 foto

 Trend number 4: Focus on the Asian markets.

The latest estimates from marketers show that the global consumer base on the international market (compared to last year) has increased by one billion new customers, who have come from emerging markets of China, India, Indonesia.
If your company is committed to long-term success, you will necessarily have to think about how to reach them.

 Trend number 5: Virtual sales.

VR and AR technologies have long been an entertaining medium.

They became a part of a full marketing strategy for the product promotion, which allows you to turn your store into a place where the brand can directly interact with its customer, and improve the quality of service.

Virtual reality applications allow the client to try on the purchase, see the result of the perfect makeup by using high-quality cosmetics, or walk around the apartment that he plans to buy.

They will fundamentally change the sales market. These technologies are already being fully used by leading shoe and clothing stores, which introduced the function of a virtual fitting for buyers.


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